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Usenet Newsgroups

USENET Newsgroups are great sources of information for scientists. While thousands of these topic oriented groups exist, a few are of specific interest. The groups function very simply as lists of posted messages in a "bulletin board" format. You can access them through your web browser (Netscape, etc.) or through additional newsreader software use (Newswatcher, etc.). The sites listed below are divided into two groups: HTML based pages which any WWW browser should be able to access and those which require an extra ability within the browser or newsreading capability.

Additionally, All the Virology on the WWW has constructed a table listing all the BIOSCI bionet newsgroups. Advanced browsers will be able to use this site to view newsgoups, newsgroup archives, FAQ's and even submit articles. We have also made a Newgroup Finder available for automated searches of existing newsgroups.

Users can easily get a better grasp of the phenomenon of Usenet by reading one of the documents written to help explain the nature of Usenet and its culture. Please see our What is Usenet? document for an easy-to-understand description. Several of the more official documents can be accessed through the Usenet Info Center at the University of North Carolina's Sunsite.

"Official" Usenet Primers from DejaNews:

HTML-Based Usenet Pages:

Newsreader Based Access to Newsgroups:

  • news.announce.newusers News Group is a great place to start your tour of USENET Newsgroups. All the basic questions are answered in this group, including what are newsgroups, usenet ettiquette, how and what to post, etc.

  • News Group is a low-traffic Usenet newsgroup for anyone interested in microbiology. Recent threads include job opportunity postings, Ebola outbreak fears in Reston, Virginia, bee gut bacteria in Amber, Cuban vaccine against meningitis and laboratory virus filtration.

BIOSCI Bionet Newsgroups:

BIOSCI is a set of electronic communication forums - the bionet USENET newsgroups and parallel e-mail lists - used by biological scientists worldwide. No fees are charged for the service. BIOSCI is currently supported in the U.S. by a grant from DOE with equipment from NSF. The U.K. BIOSCI node is supported by the Daresbury Laboratory.

The U.S. BIOSCI node is currently looking for sponsors to help continue its work when the DOE grant ends. Sponsors will be able to have their logo displayed in any of numerous locations on their Web pages, have a hyperlink to their home page, and gain other advertising exposure through the BIOSCI documentation and BIOSCI presentations at scientific meetings. Please contact for details on how your organization can help BIOSCI continue its service to the biology community.

BIOSCI promotes communication between professionals in the biological sciences. All postings to the newsgroups should be made in that spirit. While the general public may "listen in" to the discussions, these newsgroups are intended primarily for communications between researchers. There are other forums on Usenet such as for the asking and answering of biological questions from lay persons.

Complete List of All BIOSCI Bionet Newsgroups:

Newsgroup Finder & Search Utilities:

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