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Scientific Companies

This is a collection of the web sites of scientific companies and commercial enterprises around the world of interest to virologists. These pages often contain information on the company, its research interests, staff, research groups as well as details about their products. These sites are listed alphabetically.

If you are looking for a specific research or other product, first try looking for the company that produces it, and secondly, use one of the product search services listed below.

If you know of a site that isn't here, please submit the URL or contact me.

  • Advanced ImmunoChemical, Inc - is recognized for excellence in providing top quality antibodies, antigens, enzymes,and purified proteins for scientific research and the diagnostic marketplace. Offering over 150 products for use in immunodiagnostics, immunohistochemistry, and cell biology.
  • Advanced Biotechnologies, Inc. - produces viruses and viral lysates for research purposes and for use as immunodiagnotics. ABI also has espertise in electron microscopy of viruses, invitro antiviral testing and validation testing. The company has some of the latest research and products of HHV-6, 7 and 8
  • ADGEN Ltd - Plant Disease Diagnostics - Here you will find details of ADGEN's wide range of plant disease diagnostic products. Including ELISA reagents and formatted kits with results in as little as 2 minutes. You will also find contact details to obtain comprehensive technical support.
  • Aldna Diagnostics - develops and markets rapid diagnostics for infectious diseases, allergy, cancer, drug abuse, fertility, and other products.
  • Almen Labs - Computer-aided detection for digital virology and microscopy, simple to operate, user-friendly computer-aided detection system allows you to not only quantify imported digital images, but to search and retrieve objects and images based on content similarities.
  • AlphaVax Inc., based in Durham, North Carolina, has been established to commercialize the proprietary AlphaVax vector system, an innovative vaccine delivery technology. The AlphaVax technology is based on Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis virus expression vectors.
  • Amersham
  • Antec International - Leaders in Biosecurity "Protection from exposure to disease causing organisms"
  • Antex Biologics - pharmaceutical development of treatments for infectious diseases.
  • Antigenics LLC - developer of treatments for infectious diseases, cancer, and autoimmune disorders.
  • Applied Sciences, Inc. - provides molecular diagnostic data (genotyping) in areas of viral resistance
  • Arpex Biosciences - is focused on the discovery of new drug and therapeutic treatments in virology. In parallel, other therapeutic applications of its proprietary discovery technologies are under offer as licenses to partner companies. Arpex's primary target is the proteasome and disruption of the specific protein-protein interactions which are highly selective.
  • ATCC
  • Argene Biosoft - Research, development and sales of monoclonal antibodies with a specialty in the field of Cytomegalovirus detection.
  • ATCG Biological Reagents - The Anderson Timesaving Comparative Guides is a fast growing multi-vendor product listing for the life sciences and molecular biology researcher. Scientists developed this site for use by other scientists. Our mission is to make it easy to find and purchase life sciences supplies, so you have time to do the things you need to do.
  • Automation in Microbiology - manufacturer of Microbiology Readers and Software.
  • Avigen, Inc. - developes gene therapy products utilizing adeno-associated virus (AAV) for the treatment of disease.
  • Bayer is a chemicals and health care group numbering some 350 individual companies, represented in virtually every country in the world.!
  • Berna Products - oral vaccine products for protection from typhoid fever.
  • BioBest - a veterinary virology laboratory based at the Pentlands Science Park just outside Edinburgh. We specialise in diagnostic veterinary virology and at present are one of only two labs in the UK to offer rabies virus serology.
  • BioComp Instruments - BioComp was started nearly 12 years ago by a virologist who invented new ways to make density gradients and to fractionate them. The Home Page contains ordering information and color photos of the Gradient Master and the Fractionator as well as a unique blotting apparatus.
  • Bio-Logic Research and Development Corporation - A Biomedical company investigating the use of Biological Response Modifiers (BMRs) for the treatment of cancer and chronic viral infections.
  • BIOMAX is a distributor of diagnostic products & laboratory equipment for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Biomedical Diagnostics & Research, Inc. - tests for viral agents of gastroenteritis.
  • BioQuest, Inc. - A Biotechnology Development Company searching for an AIDS cure and other technological breakthroughs.
  • BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - The platform technology is biodegradable calcium phosphate nanoparticles for use as antigen delivery vehicles and safe and potent adjuvant. The lead viral vaccine candidates include HSV-2 and Influenza.
  • BioSource International, Inc. - Leading manufacturer and distributor of over 2500 reagents for molecular, cellular and immunology research. Products include custom
    oligonucleotides, peptide, antibodies, cytokines, ELISA kits, cell surface and secondary antibodies in a variety of animal models
  • Biotrin International - Specific biomarker tests for the assessment of organ damage in transplantation and an extensive range of unique tests used to detect recently discovered viruses, especially Parvo B19.
  • Becton Dickinson Microbiology Systems - Becton Dickinson Microbiology Systems provides services and products to the industrial microbiology, diagnostic microbiology and point of care markets.
  • Blackhawk BioSystems, Inc. - manufactures quality control reagents for viral diagnostic procedures.
  • CAVL - manufactures vaccines for pyoderma in dogs.
  • Cavidi Tech manufactures in vitro assay kits for retroviral reverse transcriptase activity.
  • Cell Sciences, Inc. - is a producer and supplier of retroviral products. They market HIV, HTLV, CMV product such as proteins, antibodies and ELISA kits. Cell Sciences has an extensive line of cytokine ELISPOT and ELISA kits, recombinant and chemically synthesized chemokines and cytokines. Related monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies are also available.
  • Celsis - develops and supplies rapid diagnostic and monitoring systems for use in the detection and measurement of low-level microbial contamination in a wide range of manufacturing processes and end products.
  • Chemicon - is a leading supplier of immunological reagents, immunodiagnostics and molecular biology products to the biotechnology industry worldwide. Chemicon is a great source for virology research products and produces a great virology newsletter -- VIRUS pARTICLES. Check it out!
  • Chiron Corporation - develops and markets diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccines, and ophthalmic surgical products.
  • Connaught Laboratories Limited - biotechnology research company and vaccine manufacturer.
  • Consortium for Plasma Science - The Consortium is composed of five blood fractionation companies collaborating on improving the safety of blood plasma derivatives through funding R&D on initial sterilization technologies - beyond the current efforts of the individual organizations.
  • Cortez Diagnostic, Inc. - test kits for infectious disease,allergy, cancer, drugs abuse, fertility, ovulation and pregnancy.
  • DiATOME Diamond Knives - Diatome is the largest manufacturer of Diamond Knives, Diamond Tools, and related products in the world.
  • Druzak Medical, Inc. - distributer of medical supplies including those for infectious agent control.
  • Dupont
  • Electron Microscopy Sciences offers a complete line of chemicals, supplies, accessories, and equipment for electron and light microscopy and histology, as well as general laboratory, materials, metallurgical, and biological studies.
  • EDVOTEK is a leading biotechnology education manufacturer of equipment and experiments.
  • EinsteinsGarage is a virtual marketplace where scientists, researchers, educators and hobbyists can buy, sell or exchange gently-used or surplus lab supplies and equipment.
  • Elcatech - A specialty diagnostics company with a sensitive diagnostic technology based on the coagulation cascade. This technology is of broad utility for measurement of antigens, antibodies, gene sequences. Also have an efficient, inexpensive microtiter plate washer.
  • Electronic Imaging - Labeling and barcoding for Virology and other laboratory uses is provided. Labels, printers and software for labeling cryogenic vials, tubes and microwell plates are described.
  • Eppendorf Scientific - Eppendorf Scientific is a leading life science supplier and specializing in cell and molecular biology products. The website of Eppendorf Scientific is application oriented and offers information on innovative product systems. Eppendorf provides applicational notes and support, free literature on request, and a lot more of interesting features.
  • Fisher Scientific Internet Catalog - a major supplier of biomedical research supplies.
  • Fuller Labs - specialized research reagents for human and veterinary infectious diseases.
  • Genentech, Inc.
  • General Injectables & Vaccines, Inc. - supplier of pharmaceutical and patient care products.
  • Genzyme Corporation is a biotechnology company developing important health care products, including those for renal function (RenagelTM), cancer screening (ThyrogenTM), the genetic disorder Gaucher disease (CerezymeTM), and surgical adhesion prevention (SeprafilmTM). Extensive research programs are developing treatments for other genetic, renal, and cardiovascular diseases, as well as areas of oncology, using therapeutic protein replacement, cellular replacement, biomaterials, gene therapy and small molecules.
  • Genome Therapeutics/Collaborative Research
  • Genopoietic - biotechnology company specializing in gene therapy.
  • Gibco/BRL, Life Technologies
  • Gibrlatar Laboratories, Inc. is a contract testing laboratory used by manufacturers of disinfectants for substantiating the efectiveness of disinfectants used of hard sufaces such as bench tops.
  • Global Diagnostic Solutions - develops and markets IFA and EIA assays / instruments for laboratory use in the diagnosis of autoimmune and infectious diseases.
  • Grand Laboratories, Inc. - manufacturer of animal biologics, including vaccines and antiserum products for the veterinary profession.
  • Gresval Laboratory - R&D for specific antivirals active against viruses (HIV, SHV and influanza).
  • HealthGene Corporation, Molecular Diagnostic & Research Center - HealthGene Corporation is the largest veterinary DNA diagnostic and research laboratory in Canada. DNA-based testing for different avian and animal viruses such as Polyomavirus, FIV, FeLV, feline and canine Herpesvirus, Pacheco's Disease virus and etc.
  • Heska - produces vaccines for flea allergies and heartworm infestation.
  • HIVhometest - saliva test to detect HIV-1 and HIV-2.
  • Human Co. - develops and distributes pharmaceutical and medical products including: vaccines, human plasma, etc.
  • Immune Response Corporation - Biopharmaceutical company developing products for treatment of HIV infection, autoimmune disease and gene therapy. (Founded by Dr. Jonas Salk.)
  • ImmunoDiagnostics, Inc. is a biotechnology company which produces genetically engineered gene products and has developed novel technologies for processing and purification of biologicals to create highly sensitive and specific rapid diagnostics.
  • Immunodiagnostic Laboratories located in San Leandro, California, was founded in 1982 and rapidly established itself as a leader in innovative immunologic testing services.
  • ImmunoScience, Inc. - developing saliva-based diagnostic assays for HIV and other diseases as well as a potential live virus vaccine for HIV/AIDS.
  • Imutec Pharma Inc. - research and commercialization of various products to treat viral infections, cancer, and immune disorders.
  • IntroGene - develops gene therapy agents based on Adenoviral vectors to produce commercially viable gene therapy products.
  • Invitrogen
  • Infectio Diagnostic - Leader in the research, development and marketing molecular diagnostic products for infectious diseases of bacterial and fungal origin. This technology provides fast and precise results. IDI Lab, a divison of IDI, provides rapid molecular diagnostic services in various areas of human health and other.
  • Isolyser - manufactures and markets safety-related products for infectious and hazardous waste.
  • Lexi-Comp - produces clinical databases containing information related to drug information, laboratory tests, diagnostic procedures, infectious diseases, and toxicology.
  • Large Scale Biology Corporation (LSB) is a rapidly growing company dedicated to the discovery and understanding of proteins and viruses using proprietary technology, high throughput systems and large-scale analytical databases.
  • Life Technologies (Gibco/Brl)
  • LION Biosciences - LION facilitates and accelerates Life Science R&D by providing integrated information solutions for discovery.
  • Monoclonal Technologies, Inc. - Legionnaire's disease listings for serogroups, species and related products.
  • Medeva PLC - developments and manufactures a range of pharmaceutical products and vaccines.
  • Megabios Corp. - develops genetic therapeutics using targeted non-viral gene delivery technologies.
  • Micropathology Ltd - University of Warwick Science Park U.K.A full description of the diagnostic servcies and research services that are available. Contact sites with the university and also with medico-legal and indistrial collaborators.
  • Microbix Biosystems Inc. - Microbix is a Canadian virology company specializing in the development and manufacture of tissue culture-derived biologicals for use as diagnostic antigens, vaccines, and research tools. Microbix has antigens to over 30 infectious agents and welcomes colaborative virology projects.
  • Midwest Scientific - a major distributor of Lab Supplies and Equipment with particular emphasis on Molecular Biology.
  • Molecular Medicine, LLC is a contract manufacturing facility producing viral vectors for pre-clinical uses and gene therapy trials. Molecular Medicine is a joint venture between the University of California, San Diego and Roche/Boehringer Mannheim. Manufacturing specialties include purified adenovirus, retrovirus, herpesvirus and adeno-associated virus. The facility has a State of California drug manufacturing license and has made clinical material for many human trials. A staff trained in the pharmaceutical industry also performs contract process development.
  • Molecular Probes As the leader in innovative fluorescence technology, Molecular Probes offers fluorescent probes to study everything from viral interactions with membranes to the cellular consequences of viral infection.
  • Nagel Network - viral filters, hospital supplies, spiromters and similar products.
  • NEN Life Science Products
  • New Brunswick Scientific manufacturers of shakers, fermentors, bioreactors, biological air samplers, automated media preparation equipment, and much more.
  • New England Biolab - a major supplier of biological research reagents
  • New England Medical Supply - wholesale distributor of phramaceuticals, biologicals, vaccines, etc.
  • Norgen Biotek Corp. - dedicated to providing innovative research support services to the biotechnology community.
  • North American Vaccine - research, development, manufacture and sale of vaccines for infectious diseases.
  • Novagen
  • Novavax, Inc. - focuses on the research and development of vaccines and vaccine adjuvants.
  • Oncor Inc.
  • Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Describes company background, product lines, research directions. Onyx Pharmaceuticals is building a biopharmaceutical company that changes the way cancer is treated. Our scientists engineer innovative cancer treatments based on therapeutic adenoviruses. These agents multiply in malignant cells, destroy them, and spread to neighboring cancer cells with little or no apparent harm to normal tissue.
  • Operon Technologies
  • Orion Diagnostica - develops, manufactures and markets diagnostics for infectious disease.
  • PanVera Corporation
  • Pasteur Merieux Connaught - international vaccine manufacturer.
  • PathoGenesis Corporation - develops drugs for the treatment of infectious diseases.
  • PerkinElmer Life Sciences - which supplies products, services and technologies for functional genomics, high throughput screening and drug discovery as well as for clinical screening. Customers throughout the world are involved in a broad range of research efforts connected with the treatment and cure of disease. Such efforts range from discovering specific genes and understanding their function, to identifying the biological targets for new drugs, as well as screening for new drug candidates. Products supplied comprise instrumentation, software and consumables, including reagents. The products are based on a core expertise in fluorescent, chemiluminescent and radioactive labeling and detection of nucleic acids and proteins. PerkinElmer proprietary technologies include time-resolved fluorescence which is employed in the sensitive Wallac DELFIA system and Wallac LANCE homogeneous assay system, and fluorescence polarization, a robust fluorescence based technique for receptor binding assays that is both fast and easy-to-use.
  • Pfizer Inc is a research-based, global pharmaceutical company. We discover and develop innovative, value-added products that improve the quality of life of people around the world and help them enjoy longer, healthier, and more productive lives. The company has three business segments: health care, animal health and consumer health care. Our products are available in more than 150 countries.
  • Pharmacia Biotech
  • PGC Inc. - a general laboratory supply company.
  • The Consortium for Plasma Science, LLC, was founded in January 1997 to support the development of a universal approach to eradicate pathogens in whole blood plasma. With safety a common goal, the founding members, Alpha Therapeutic Corporation, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Bayer Corporation, Centeon LLC, and NABI have agreed on a focused strategy to leverage the resources of the fractionation industry - beyond the current efforts of the individual organizations - to accelerate the development of emerging technology in this area.
  • Procept, Inc. - develops drugs for the treatment or prevention of infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, and organ transplant rejection.
  • Promega Corporation
  • QIAGEN -- Innovative products for DNA and RNA purification, PCR, transfection and much more.
  • QUANTIFOIL Micro Tools - Innovative products for sample preparation in electron microscopy
  • Quantum Biotechnologies Inc. - offering a new "AdenoQuest" Adenoviral vector system for gene therapy gene delivery.
  • Randolph Biomedical
  • Research Diagnostics - distributes over 1000 different antibodies made by commerical firms and research centers worldwide.
  • Retroscreen Ltd. is a contract organisation specialising in virology research and clinical trials. It is based on the campus of Queen Mary and Westfield College, The University of London.
  • Retro-Tech GmbH (Gesellschaft für Retrovirale Technologie) is a private independent biotech company focusing on services, products, R&D and consulting related to laboratory or clinical diagnostics and therapy of retroviruses and related disease.
  • Roche Bioscience Roche Bioscience is a human pharmaceutical research company located in Palo Alto, California. They are currently working on new drugs for diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis, and pain & urinary tract disorders. While you're here, please visit our career opportunities section.
  • Rodwell Autoclave - range of laboratory autoclaves useful for virology and any other lab.
  • Santa Cruz Biotechnology
  • Sartorius, a world leader in Separations and Weighing Technologies, offers the only air sampling system capable of virus sampling. Visit this address for an overview of the MD8 Air Sampling sytem as well as our complete product line. Request our Virus Sampling package by e-mail.
  • The SciTech Ltd. site describes the Intra-Cell virus transport system.
  • Sekot Laboratories offers a spectrum of procedures for fast, accurate diagnosis of infectious diseases.
  • Sigma-Aldrich
  • Span Diagnostics Ltd. - Manufacturer of various Diagnostics products.
    Rapid Detaction tests and ELISA Test Kits available for for Viral detection of HBsAG, HCV, HIV, TORCH etc.
  • SPI Supplies - Manufacturer and distributor of sample preparation equipment and consumable supplies for electron and light microscopy laboratories including chemicals, tweezers, grids, histology items, and photographic equipment and supplies.
  • Stratagene
  • SRA Life Sciences, Inc. is a contract research and development organization providing scientific and management services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, government agencies and health care organizations. Since 1976, SRA has brought creativity, insight and dedication to research and development projects for clients ranging from virtual biotechnology companies to Fortune 500 pharmaceutical firms, from solo physician practices to the National Institutes of Health, totaling over $100 million in services. From the beginning, SRA has been committed to thoughtful, productive blending of the multiple disciplines and perspectives involved in advancing drug development and human health.
  • Trinity Biotech develops, manufactures, and markets over 100 diagnostic products which address all three segments of the diagnostic market: point of care (POC), self testing (OTC) and the clinical laboratory.
  • VaxGen, Inc. founded in 1995, is building a science driven organization dedicated to the development of a vaccine to eradicated AIDS.
  • Vetoquinol - manufacturer of veterinary vaccines, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals for small animals, bovine, equine, swine and poultry.
  • Virapur has a new Adnovirus Purification Kit which repaces conventional cesium chloride density gradients. Reduces purification time from days to one hour. Kit results in infectious adenovirus at high virus particle count (10e12 per mL).
  • VIMRx Pharmaceutical - pharmaceutical development for the treatment of viral diseases.
  • Viral Therapeutics, Inc.Manufacturer of high quality viral recombinant proteins for use in diagnostics and drug discovery. The company also develops assays for viral disgnostics and drug discovery using novel and proprietary technologies.
  • Viridae Clinical Sciences - conducts antiviral research and testing for antiviral clinical trials on herpes simplex diseases, AIDS/HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and other sexually transmitted diseases. Viridae offers comprehensive Contract Research Organization (CRO) services, from consulting through complete clinical management of antiviral compounds. The site has basic information on herpes (excerpted from Dr.Sacks' book, "The Truth About Herpes") information for Vancouver-area patients on clinical trials they are conducting and other resources for physicians, patients, pharmaceutical reps and the public.
  • VIRION ¤ SERION - For nearly 20 years the German Company VIRION ¤ SERION has stood for reliability and high standard in the field of in vitro diagnostics systems for infectious diseases.
  • ViroGen Corporation is a leading provider of antigens and antibodies to the research and diagnostics markets. Virogen offers products for manufacturing and research in the fields of: Apoptosis, HIV, Hepatitis, Rotavirus, Signal transduction.
  • Viromed Laboratories- Established in 1982, ViroMed Laboratories began as a private, regional reference laboratory performing high-quality infectious diseases testing. In just a few short years, ViroMed's virology/microbiology expertise made it one of the premier private clinical laboratories in the country. From that strong base of scientific expertise, and with its unwavering commitment to quality, ViroMed expanded the breadth of its testing services over the years to also meet the specialized needs of a broad spectrum of industrial clients. The company further extended its markets and geographical reach by expanding to four new sites: St. Paul, MN; Atlanta, GA; Camden, NJ, and Brussels, Belgium.
  • Virologix Corporation - biopharmaceutical company working on vaccines and therapeutics for viral diseases.
  • ViroPharma Incorporated is a US company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel therapeutic agents for RNA viruses. They currently have products in discovery or development for picornaviruses, hepatitis C, influenza and RSV.
  • ViroStat, Inc. - Primary manufacturer of monoclonal antibodies & polyclonal antibodies to infectious disease agents as well as recombinant viral polypeptides. Many FITC, biotin & HRP labeled.
  • Virusys Corporation - The Virusys Corporation is a primary manufacturer of pre-qualified virus reagents intended for infectious disease research and immunodiagnostic kit/component manufacturing. They also provide a wide variety of virology and protein chemistry related services.
  • Wisconsin Viral Research Group (aka Herpesvirus Diagnostics) - Educational site concerning human herpesvirus six (HHV-6). It also explains diagnostic services offered by the laboratory.
  • Wyoming DNA Vaccine, LLC - develops DNA plasmid vaccines against veterinary and human pathogens, such as the HIV, FIV, and FeLV.

Water and Air Purification / Testing

-device distributors and manufacturers

  • Cirrus Countertop Water Distiller - countertop system eliminates bacteria, viruses, chlorine, parasites, and pollutants.
  • Exclusive Air-Conditioning - Products range from Cooling Tower Control systems to Biocidal chemicals for eliminating bacteria and viruses that can build up in evaporative type air conditioning systems.
  • Water Microbiology EQA Schemes - PHLS Water External Quality Assessment Schemes offering expertise for Indicator Organisms, Cryptosporidium and Giardia Detection, Legionella Isolation and Virus Isolation. Extensive research and development with lenticules has been achieved for the Indicator Organisms Scheme.
  • Pura Inc. Water Purification - ultraviolet wastewater treatment systems kill bacteria and viruses.
  • Sapphire Water Systems - provide disinfection of bacteria, virus and other microorganisms.
  • Ultraviolet Technology of Australasia - manufactures ultraviolet units to kill viruses and bacteria in treated waste water, drinking water and cooling towers.
  • WaterWorks - sell water distillers which remove waterborne biological contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, organic and inorganic chemicals, heavy metals, and more.
  • WTC/Ecomaster Corp. - water purifiers and filters for camping, travel and household use.

Lists of Biotech Companies

Product Locator Services

  • - does not sell anything. They are an unbiased source for life-science product information and help you find the right product for your needs. Don't miss their great newletters!
  • BioSupplyNet - An online directory of biotech research products and services. This new WWW site offers free searching in the CSH Lab Manual Source Book database of 15,000 laboratory products and 1,500 suppliers. BIOSUPPLYNET features "Interactive Product Listings" (IPLs), which provide users with instant access to details on many of the products contained within its extensive database.
  • SciQuest - "Internet Solutions for Science" - This new company is seeking to be the place on the net for biotech and laboratory product information. Extensive search facilities allow the user to find the companies of interest for specific products.
  • NEE-HOW- The Bioresource Finder

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