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  • Antiviral Agents Bulletin - a periodical specializing in antiviral drug and vaccine development. Covers all antiviral and HIV drugs, biologics, vaccines and other technologies for the treatment and prevention of viral diseases. Published since April 1988. Each year the Antiviral Agents Bulletin publishes 12 monthly issues, 32 pages each, including nearly 400 news articles plus U.S and international patent abstracts and other information. The site also includes the Antiviral Agents Bulletin Database - indexing and partial text of news articles

  • Bugs in the News - This site not only presents current microbiology news, but also helps the public understand some basic concepts.

  • Ebola News Page from the World Health Organization.

  • Microbes in the News from the Digital Learning Center for Microbial Ecology at Michigan State University.

  • University of Cape Town Microbiology Department Microbiological News & Views

  • Infectious Disease News features columns and editorials by recognized experts in the field, interviews with infectious disease specialists, reports from medical conferences and research presentations, and the latest information on government legislation affecting the infectious disease practice. This easy-to-read, monthly newspaper offers practical advice for everyday clinical use.

  • RedRibbon furnishes the Daily AIDS Summary from the Centers for Disease Control. These short summations give news and highlights of news relating to HIV/AIDS and related diseases.

  • WebMedLit - a list of Virology and HIV/AIDS news from the leading medical journals.

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