All the Virology on the WWW seeks to be the best single site for Virology information on the Internet. We have collected all the virology related Web sites that might be of interest to our fellow virologists, and others interested in learning more about viruses. Additionally, we have created an index to virus pictures on the web, The Big Picture Book of Viruses, which also functions as a resource for viral taxonomy. A collection of some of the best Online Virology and Microbiology Course Notes available can also be found here. If you're interested in even more information, we have The Virology Bookshop, an on-line microbiology and virology bookstore with a significant discount for our users.

It is our hope that this site will provide both the professional virologist and the general public with access to information about viruses. Over the past several years, these pages have grown to encompass something of interest for everyone. The lists of virology related sites are divided into multiple pages, all of which are accessible from this page and from the more descriptive Complete Table of Contents. We even provide links to Virology Dictionaries if you're confused by some of this site's more technical content. These sites are listed without bias and with as much organization as we can muster.

Also, don't miss the Virology News Page and our ever popular Daily Virology News!

Collections of Virology Sites:
  • Specific Virus Sites - our collection of web sites that focus on an individual virus or viral family -- from Adenoviruses to Viroids.

  • AIDS & HIV - the most complete collection of AIDS and HIV sites on the web - organized by topic.

  • Emerging Viruses - this is a collection of pages focused on the viruses that get all the press -- and deserve to! Here you will find our collection of Ebola, Marburg and similar viral pathogens.

  • Plant Viruses - all of the plant virus web sites have been conveniently collected in one central location, and organized by topic.

  • Organizations and Groups - a collection of links to Microbiology and Virology Departments and Institutes, as well as virology labs, scientific societies and scientific companies.

  • Graduate Programs in Virology - these are all the graduate school programs in the world that focus on Virology and have a web site to tell you about it.

  • On-Line Virology Courses and Tutorials - in addition to ATV's own virology courses and tutorials, we have catalogued all the other on-line educational resources that we could find.

More Virology Sites:

How to find what you're looking for:

Our best advice to users seeking Virology Information is to check out as many of the sites listed here as you can. While the web is a medium containing enormous amounts of information, finding what you're looking for can be difficult. That's what this page is all about. We've done that work for you. You will probably be amazed at what is available out there on the Web for virologists. Also, we suggest you check this page often, as it is changing almost everyday! For further assistance, a search page is now available.

How to Add a Site to this List:

If you know of a Virology or Microbiology site not listed here, or would like to update the listing of a site, please email me with the address. We are counting on a continuation of community support to keep this page up to date.

Awards that we've Won:

After several years on the web, All the Virology on the WWW has won numerous awards -- in fact, we have a special awards page just to display them. We thank these rating services for their support and endorsement.


These web site links are listed as a convenience to our visitors. If you use these links, we take no responsibility and give no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy of these third-party sites.

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Major Resources:

All the Virology on the WWW

The full table of contents with links to all the virology web sites.

Big Picture Book of Viruses
An extensive collection of virus pictures, listed by family.

On-line Virology Course Notes
Some of the best note sets, diagrams, tutorials and video available online.

The Virology Bookshop
A huge selection of virology and microbiology books, seriously discounted for our users.

Virology in the News:

Virology and Microbial News - A list of WWW sites with the latest news.

All the Virology Articles:

Have you seen our new collection of Microbiology and Virology Articles?

Other Major Resources:

Related Resources for Virology:

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